Januar 2017
November 2016

Urbane Kunstkammer

My project ‘How am I supposed to feel now’ with images from New Zealand will be exhibited as part of the group exhibition Urbane Kunstkammer at Gängeviertel, Hamburg from 25. – 27.11.2016.
Find more information here: www.dieurbanekunstkammer.org
how am I supposed to feel now - page

October 2016

Betahaus Academy

As part of Betahaus Hamburg new workshop series I will be teaching a photography introduction class. Have a look at their program in Hamburg and Berlin here: academy.betahaus.com

August 2016


I’m off to Berlin for the week, where journalist Tobias Gade and I will be running a workshop on the power of pictures with youth from Ukraine and Russia. The workshop is set up by SCI – a volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of peace.